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Introducing the Tikkun Grant Advancement Blog

Hello, fellow social-justice seekers, development professionals, and non-profit leaders! I am excited to announce that Tikkun Grant Advancement is launching a monthly blog dedicated to issues surrounding racial and economic justice within our particular area of expertise: grants.

What is Tikkun Grant Advancement and how do you say it?

If you are unfamiliar with Tikkun Grant Advancement, we are a consulting practice focused exclusively on grant-seeking for nonprofits. We are a social enterprise, working alongside change-making organizations to help them raise funds while also actively mentoring individuals working in and entering the grant-seeking field. Our priority is to bring the lived experience of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color to grant writing to better promote equity throughout our communities.

Tikkun comes from the Hebrew phrase Tikkun Olam [tee-KOON oh-LAHM], which translates as “repairing the world.” It is a Jewish social justice concept that encompasses many ideas of community healing – from charity and philanthropy to systemic societal change. Tikkun Grant Advancement is a group of grant professionals each working in their own way to support this work. We represent many cultural backgrounds and have a breadth of lived experiences as immigrants and first-generation Americans, Black individuals and other people of color, and white allies. We champion equity for all communities, counting among us people living with mental illness and those with family members living with disabilities.

The Tikkun Grant Advancement Blog

Tikkun Grant Advancement’s blog is a platform for our writers to share their experiences and knowledge. As the principal of Tikkun Grant Advancement, I aim to place the spotlight on their interests. Over the next few months, they will delve into particular community topics, present a personal journey, and talk shop. This summer you will hear from:

  • Leanna Aldis, who will write about the struggle to move beyond under-served neighborhoods,

  • Deneene Graham, who will share her journey into the field of grant writing

  • Jill Johnson, who will discuss moving narrative away from victim-based language.

I look forward to reading our writers’ posts alongside you, learning and growing from their expertise and perspectives.

-Emily Greenwald Johnson, Principal, Tikkun Grant Advancement

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