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If you feel that your talents would be a good fit for Tikkun and are interested in collaborating and learning with a team of experienced writers, we welcome a conversation.

Our Mentorship Model
Mentorship is a core component of Tikkun's social enterprise model. In our virtually- connected culture and supportive climate, highly experienced grant professionals work alongside writers earlier in their careers.

Mentees: Through one-on-one and peer-to-peer mentoring you will gain essential experience that takes your skills to the next level. Whether you have worked in grants for a year or are changing careers and looking to leverage skills from another field, our hands-on approach cultivates growth and confidence as an independent grant professional.

Mentors: Tikkun offers experienced grant writers a way to share their knowledge in their daily course of work. As a senior grant writer, you will be the lead in a team of two, providing guidance to the writer and interacting with the client as the consultant.

Tikkun Grant Advancement is especially interested in mentoring individuals from BIPOC communities to increase access to power structures and amplify their voices. Our clients appreciate this team approach as a new way to achieve their equity goals.

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